Christopher  is a communications professional in security and privacy. He focuses on helping people to understand in plain English the threats they face online and what they can do to better protect themselves. He also focuses on crisis communications to help “make awful news just bad”™.

Currently he is a global threat communications manager with Trend Micro.

Prior to Trend Micro, Christopher worked as an independent security, privacy and communications consultant. Before that, he was a ten-year veteran of the Microsoft Security Response Center, where he oversaw and managed worldwide internal and external communications around security and privacy incidents affecting Microsoft customers worldwide. During his tenure at Microsoft, he pioneered new strategies and tactics embracing new media technologies that dramatically improved the handling of communications around incidents.

Christopher is a seasoned spokesperson and speaker and presenter. He has been an expert on television and radio numerous times. At Microsoft he led a live monthly security webcast for over six years. He has also given numerous presentations on communications and technology at a variety of technology and non-technology conferences.

Christopher is a widely published author on technology and other topics. He’s a regular presence on the Trend Micro blogs. He currently contributes a regular column to Geekwire. He’s contributed to Betanews and is a former monthly columnist on security and social media at Maximize Social Business. He is also co-author or contributor to three books. Outside of technology topics, he has  authored numerous articles on topics ranging from history to philosophy and gaming and is a contributing author to a book on the history of philosophy.

He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Religion from Oberlin College and a Master of Arts in Philosophy with honors from St. John’s College.


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