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Steve Reich Wins Pulitzer

This just in from NPR: Steve Reich has won the Pulitzer for his piexce Double Sextet.

The timing of this is quite apropos for me, as I just finished Ross’ thoughts on Reich in his book “The Rest is Noise”. I think Ross’ comments on his site speak for many: Finally.

Perhaps we’re seeing some reconciliation between music criticism and music listening? Maybe that dichotomy between music that is aesthetically praised and what people actually listen to is starting to lessen?

It remains to be seen.

Win one, lose one

Thanks to Alex Ross’ posting today, I learned that the world of music writing/journalism has won one and lost one.

We’ve lost one because the Pierre Ruhe has accepted a buyout from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. It sounds as if we’re down another professional music journalist slot for good.

We’ve won one, though, in that in reading this I learned there’s a (relatively) new classical music blog over at the Washington Post run by Anne Midgette.

Since I’ve not found a lot of music bloggers (certainly compared to food bloggers!) it’s good to see another one out there.