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Reviving Andante

I have had a space where I’ve talked about music off and on since 2006.

Lately, it’s been off.

I’m bringing it back again, once again under the Andante label.

I’ll be posting blog articles here under the “Music” tag.

I’ll be posting clips and short things over at Tumblr: https://andanteblog.tumblr.com/.

I’ve got a separate Twitter handle for these postings here: https://twitter.com/AndanteBlog.

And finally, I’ve created a YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqeFkv81fmvCgb5qugDEo-g

Once again the premise is to bring a travel writer’s sensibility to the topic: sharing things I discover that I find interesting. I’ll leave the heavy analysis and critiques to others. This is all about finding interesting things and sharing them. Or at the least, writing them down so I don’t forget them.