24 Views of Squak Mountain: Mid-October

Sometimes the seasons change like a switch is flipped.

Since July it has been dry.

A long summer dryness that, like a visiting parent, stayed far too long.

Yesterday, Nature flipped the switch, making the rains come, at last.

And so now it is fall, truly.

The high, light blue sky is hung now with low, light grey.

The spiders are washed away and are sleeping now until spring.

The leaves are starting to fall, bringing a beautiful and graceful ending to their days.

Night asserts her increasing dominance over day. Soon we will be into the vampire season.

For now though, the echoes of coming Samhain ring in the forest. The time of remembering and seeing those lost is nearly upon us now.

The mist that obscures the line between the worlds is coming, covering the forest like a blanket.

October. The Orange Month.