Hello Old Friend, Hello New Friend

I’ve said that I expected to be posting again soon and today is as good a day as any.

As I said there, one reason for this blog being on hold is because of an issue affecting my (rather large) music library.

The short version of what happened is that in Spring 2011, I learned the hard way that Macs handle copying directories differently than Windows machines. This led to the loss of an unknown amount of my digital music library. I was able to recover all online purchases (as far as I can tell) but not the copied CDs. Since I didn’t know what I lost I decided to redo all my CD copying, this time using the highest possible bitrate and MP3 format.

I also decided to blow away my old playlists and build new ones. I felt I wasn’t finding things that I had and maybe new playlists would help.

This project is finally nearly done. There were some things that came up that put it on hold too. But after a year and a half of separation, I feel like I have my library back once again. Better yet, I discovered that you can now create nested folders in iTunes, which enables me to really organize things so I can find them.

The act of copying and building new playlists has been a very instructive one for me. It’s forced me to go through and relearn what I have, much of which was present but hidden due to the bad old playlist structure and iTunes inherent weakness in dealing with classical music.

On a side note, I may do a post here just talking about what I’ve learned about managing a large iTunes library. Oddly, it seems there’s little information out there these days. It’s like iTunes stopped growing in 2007.

As long and painful a process as it has been to rebuild my library, I’m actually grateful for the exercise. I’ve had a chance to rediscover old friends that I’d forgotten. I’ve also found new friends: pieces that I had bought but hadn’t listened to much because I just couldn’t find them.

In a way, I feel like I woke up one day and was given a gift of a new, large, diverse music library to explore and discover.

Given that I view this blog as a musical travel blog that actually works well. Not only can I document my explorations in finding new music: I can document my explorations through my new(ly recovered) music library.

As I work to get into the practice of writing more regularly again, this is a double blessing to me. Not only do I have the gift of this library, but I have the gift of it as a topic for writing.

Further proof that good does come out of bad.