Joyful Explorations

Changing gears a bit.

I haven’t really mentioned what I’m focusing on in terms of interests and things that make me happy these days.

I picked up some stuff in that vein today, so it seems like a good opportunity to share it more broadly.

When I was in college, I was interested in the verbal arts, specifically poetry and drama (I was an unofficial drama minor in college). I had interests in, but didn’t get to dig into, English modernist and early Chinese poetry. I am very happy to say I’m bringing those interests back to the fore. Specifically, Ezra Pound, Kenneth Rexroth, Li Po, Tu Fu, and Wang Wei.

I was a comparative religion major in college as well. And I’ve been returning to that as well, doing reading again in comparative mythology as well as Buddhism (with a bit of Taoism thrown in). I’ve also been doing reading again in depth psychology like James Hillman and others like him.

Back then, I always talked about how art, philosophy, psychology, mythology and religion (I would say spirituality now) all springs from and coalesces around the same big questions. They are all really about making sense of what it is to be alive and what you’re going to do with the life you’ve got.

I’m happy to be returning to these. Having lived a normal life for a number of years in the working world, perhaps now I’ve got the experience that enables me to better approach these topics and questions than if I’d just stayed in the ivory tower.