You can do it the easy way or the hard way

It’s official, Representative Weiner chose the hard way.

After a week plus of trying to avoid it, he had to fess up today that he sent the picture through Twitter. At this point, he also had to admit to other instances of this behavior.

Like I said last week, this wouldn’t go away until folks felt that had all the information. The botched handling a week ago set in motion an amplified chain of events that has made this situation worse than it would have been if he said last week what he said today.

It’s hard to speculate but it’s possible if he admitted sending the picture last week, he may have been able to hold the line on admitting other instances (though I wouldn’t have counseled that). I think it’s likely though that the congressional ethics investigation he’s about to be subject to wouldn’t have come about or would be less vigorous if he’s admitted this all last week.

Here’s hoping he gets better advice for the next stages of this situation.