I’m a word person. I’m a writer and communications professional so I’d better be, eh?

But seriously, I have always loved words and language. I love the history of language, the etymology of words, the way words sound, the way meaning develops, the way sound and meaning intersect and interplay.

There’s a reason I call myself a “word sculptor” after all: I love to play with words, with emphasis on the word play. Even my sense of humor is very grounded in words and language. James Joyce (another word sculptor who loved to play with words) called the pun the highest form of humor and I’d be inclined to agree with him.

Lately, I’ve been ruminating on a number of words, thinking  about how we fail to appreciate the deeper meanings of these words. They’re words that have in some way become very important for me as I’ve been going through the crucible. I feel this desire to start doing some posts here that are expository meditations on these words as part of that process.

So, watch this space for some word fun!