One week ago…part 1

…I woke up and looked at Byron as he was laying on me in bed and he seemed quiet and not himself.

…I watched him wobble and lie on his side, clawing at nothing in the air, almost like he was having a seizure.

…I looked into his eyes and had a sense that he wasn’t there fully, that he was ready to pass.

…I cried as I talked with my wife about what I was seeing and asked her to call the vet to make arrangements for him to come and help Byron pass over.

…I worried that he wouldn’t be there still when I got back from work early.

…I held him gingerly on my lap in bed and later on the couch, keeping him warm and comfy.

…I fed him but noticed how he wasn’t eating any more.

…I watched him as his head fell over a couple of times, clearly unable for a moment to hold his head upright.

…I went to sleep on the couch with him on me, the two of us one last time, because I knew it was the last night together.

…I started crying without warning at times as I started to think about losing him, and I haven’t yet stopped.