Reflections in November

It’s always hard to get started writing again after a hiatus.

Since the Ring Cycle, I’ve been to Burning Man which has some amazing and magical musical experiences.

And my family has gone through some difficulties around work and family that have made these past couple of months very subdued and melancholy really.

So, it’s been a bit hard to really think much about music, let alone write about it.

I look at my dining room table at home and I see three months of stacked music magazines (among others). And I look at my playlists and realize the only new music I’ve gotten in ages is the new Pink Martini album Splendor in the Grass. We listened to it on the way to dinner for our postponed sixteenth wedding anniversary dinner this weekend and I confess I’m debating if I like it or not: the serious 70’s sound is a bit of a brain cramp throwback for me.

All this is to say I’ve been away and it’s going to be a bit slow getting back. But back I will be: there’s a handful of new things I intend to pick up (like the new Silk Road Project recording, Off the Map). And there’s a lot to write about what I already have (like the amazing harmonies to be found with Russian Chant work like Sacred Treasures.

So, happy Thanksgiving Holiday to those in the United States, enjoy your time with family and friends, and I hope you find some new and interesting music while you’re at it.