When I talk about this being notes from a walking tour of music, I really do mean it. I really see this space as a place to share the various and sundry things I find, discover, learn and experience in my own journeys through music.

One thing that I like to use this for is when I find new or interesting online resources. Today, thanks to Alex Ross’ The Rest is Noisesite I’ve found a new website, NewMusicBox. Turns out, NewMusicBox is celebrating their ten year anniversary. As they say on their “About” page, they’re “to the music of American composers and improvisers and their champions”.

I’m just now starting to look at the site and it looks promising. Given how hard the classical music space is in general these days (and American composition space in particular) it’s great to find another new resource. Even better to find out they’ve been able to make it ten years. Here’s wishing them another ten.