Ute Lemper Online

I’m a huge Ute Lemper fan. I actually didn’t so much “discover” her as I “realized” who she was. When I was in college, I bought the Threepenny Opera on CD. A couple of years later, I saw Peter Greenaway’s Prospero’s Books, fell in love with Michael Nyman’s music for the film and picked up the soundtrack now sadly out of print). After a bit, I realized that someone named Ute Lemper sang on both of these. After I discovered another Nyman album, Michael Nyman: Songbook (also sadly out of print), with her singing, I was hooked and have been avidly following her ever since.

I’m proud to say I have every album of hers I’ve been able to lay hands on (the Ute Lemper playlist has 196 items right now) and she’s easily one of the main people I want to see perform live in my lifetime.

So, it’s quite the thrill for me to find that Ute Lemper is on Twitter now. It also looks like she’s got an official channel now on YouTube.

Of course, this Ute Lemper online moment is made a true social networking Trifecta because I found out about these through her Facebook page.