De l’audace, encore de l’audace, et toujours de l’audace

I have been absent from this space for a bit. A lot has been going on in my life with my personal life and day job that needed sorting out.

But now I find that much of that sorting is done and now it’s primarily a matter of putting those things into practice.

One of the important ways for me of putting things into practice is to start writing again. Writing a lot, really, or at least that’s the goal.

So, as a first step, this blog is coming back on line. This is intended to be my place for analysis and ruminations on more philosophical topics. I am considering writing on other topics like music. If I do, though, they will get their own space for thematic clarity.

In terms of outlook, I don’t think there will be a significant break with older posts, but that is possible. So, I would ask the reader to view this entry as a major chapter heading and be open to the possibility that what I wrote before might not always be what I think now.

The title of this post is from Georges Danton. It has been misattributed to Frederick the Great and Napoleon (including in the movie Patton). It means, “Audacity, and more audacity, and always audacity”. Out of my sorting of late this has emerged as a new ideal for me to strive for. Expect to see it’s results in future postings.