Who’s your enemy in a war without end?

Sadly, as if to provide a counterbalance to my post on paganism and Memorial Day, we have this story from Alabama. An overzealous Alabama Department of Homeland Security had listed a number of “single issue” groups as potential spawning grounds for terrorist groups. These included pro-life/anti-abortion, animal rights, antiwar and gay rights groups.

The site was pulled down amid outcry and it’s being “corrected”. And while this should rightly cause worry and outrage for demonising legitimate political opposition, it also points to a deeper problem.

Quite simply, because we’ve declared war against a concept, terrorism, rather than a specific enemy, Al Qaida, it’s hard to clearly categorize things. When is the war over? Who really is the enemy? Are we taking on Al Qaida, the IRA, and EarthFirst with equal priority? Who can say, it’s just not clear.

One thing is important with the coming change in administrations. We need to start clearly scoping our goals and objectives more clearly to make this all sustainable. Otherwise, the Temple of Janus will never be closed and we’ll all be the enemy in some way, shape or form.