Of Older Women and Soccer

Today brings a very interesting story. It’s also, I’d argue, a rare positive story about beauty and image in Western culture.

The actress Sophia Loren is apprently a big fan of the Napoli Football team. Apparently they’ve fallen on hard times generally but have a shot at the playoffs.

To encourage Napoli on, Sophia Loren has said that if they make it to the playoffs, she’ll do a striptease.

As one who has always preferred older women and natural beauty, I’m particularly pleased to see a women in her 70’s celebrating her body like this. Clearly, she is proud of her beauty and that’s a wonderful thing.

I’m no big fan of sports really. But, you can be sure that I’m now rooting for Napoli. I think Sophia Loren following through and doing a striptease if they win will be a wonderful thing for us all as a culture. And, you know, it’ll be lovely to watch.