Nobody knows where you are, how near or how far…

So, Syd Barrett died:

Updated with additional obit:,,2-2265488,00.html

Not all that surprising,especially given Syd’s background.  Indeed, in some ways I’m surprised he lasted as long as he did.

But, it’s still cause for pause.

One thing I’ll note: the boomer generation seems to be fairing poorly in terms of longevity.  My mother died in her 50’s.  My father died younger, not even making it out of his 40’s.

But, it’s funny to think about this.  I’ve been on a music kick lately and, in some ways, my music kick is taking me back to times like when I was in college and graduate school as those were times I listed to more music and engaged more in these flights of imaginative free thinking with music.

And, unsurprising, Pink Floyd is one of those that I’ve been returning to.

And so, returning to music of your youth and then hearing about the death of someone who’s associated with it (I never listed to a lot of he Barrett-era Floyd) gives cause for pause.

I know, I know: we’re all going to die and that’s not that big a surprise.  And, in truth, I’ve been grappling acutely with questions or mortality in the years since my mother’s death (whose anniversary is coming up: 23 July 2002) and questions about what it means to live your life and what you’re going to do with it.

Rambling: yes I know.