Bulls 7 Humans 0: Go Bulls!

So, I say to people at times that I’m not a nice person.

I am a firm unsentimental believer in the laws of Karma and that what you sow you will reap.

So, when people do cruel things and experience just retribution for it, I give a cheer, frankly.  Most especially when it’s people being cruel to animals.

For instance, if I were God Emperor, anyone I caught involved in dog or cock fighting would find themselves swiftly consigned for the rest of their days to the gladiatorial arena. That being how they can best experience what they inflicted on animals.

So, in this vein, it was with some degree of grim satisfaction that I read this today:


Especially when you read things like this:
Ducharme was injured in what is known as a vaquilla, an event separate from the bull run in which hundreds of people chase five cows around a bull ring, pulling their ears and tails.

I mean, what “sport” is there in that?  That’s simply inflicting pain and suffering needlessly on one weaker than you or unable to defend themselves. I find it hard to feel anything but a sense that the Fates spoke justly in this instance.

Sigh.  What is wrong with people.  I mean, really.